Editorial Potpourri

I learned a few things today.

First, I found myself looking up influential. I thought it might have been influencial because that’s how it appeared in an article I was reading. But no, influential it is.

Second, the difference between brought and taken was brought (heh) to my attention. I was perusing the website of The Canadian Press, where the following question was posed: Is an accident victim brought or taken to the hospital?

The Canadian Oxford offers these definitions:

bring: come carrying or leading something or accompanying someone

take: gather into one’s hands or possession

So the victim was taken to the hospital by paramedics, but paramedics brought the victim to the hospital via ambulance.

A subtle difference, which I was heretofore unaware of.

An EAC discussion board on LinkedIn dealt with another point of usage. An editor noted the incorrect use of need when what is meant is should or ought. As someone searching for work, I need to network more — not so much: I should network more.

Finally, I attended a business seminar sponsored by the city. It wasn’t particularly helpful to me, but the speaker urged us to be “congruent” with our clients, to learn to negotiate, and to communicate the value that we will add to the business of our clients. We need to should keep in mind that situations can be negotiated to be win-win-win; that is, a win for us, for our clients, and for the customers of our clients. How to do this? Creativity, of course. Know what you need but be flexible and open to new ways of doing business.


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