(Y)eGod(s)! (editorial Gaffe of the day)

Nothing strikes terror through the heart of an editor like the sudden bolt out of the blue when you realize, belatedly ‘natch, that you’ve made a mistake. This happened to me a few minutes ago.

I’ve been sending out my cover letter and resumé via email. In the email message, I write, “My cover letter and resume are attached.” And that’s where my slothful ways are laid bare: with resume. Back in the day, when I first started using word processing software, I never realized that characters with accents were readily available for use. I used to simply spell the word sans accent — what’s the big deal, right? Well, it looks lazy, and, without the accent, the word is incorrectly spelled.

FYI, to make the e in resumé, use CTRL + ‘ and then e. I won’t be omitting accents again.


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Filed under job-hunting, spelling, words with accents

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