Internet Merry-Go-Round

The times, they are a-changin’. From Iranians organizing online to bring attention to their lack of voting options, to individuals using sites like Kickstarter to crowdfund their ideas, the Internet has changed the way we live. It’s like the whole wide world is accessible to each of us. We can all have a piece of the pie. We can all live free and strong and kick some butt-of-the-man because the future belongs to us.

But does it? For every day that I feel this ostensibly eternal optimism that seems so tangible, I have an equally depressing day of cynicism when the online world seems like another PT Barnum three-ring circus looking to make a quick buck.

I’m drawn — who isn’t — to the idea of accessibility for all that the Internet represents. The people have spoken, yo, and they demand access — freedom from outside constraints — to information, to content, to resources, to power players. This is heady stuff for countries that try to restrain their citizens’ freedom. And in democratic countries, the opportunity to become a power player is a possibility for the chosen few who create content that the masses clamour to link to, to tweet about, to like-button (yeah, I made that word up). Aaaand now we’re back to cynicism again.

But people’s demand for accessibility is laudable — and palpable the more I read. From wanting access to all kinds of content to demanding freedom from offensive government revenue sources, people are rising up to have a say. And that can only be a good thing.

Until their Twitter feed begins to inundate you with eye-rolling shlock, so you’re forced to unfollow them.

Cynicism again — sorry! Anyone else taking a trip on this merry-go-round?


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