The Cold, Cold Call

I’m getting better at tailoring my resumé for specific companies and sending it out, but career counsellors still push the cold call. When you’re an introvert, the cold call is chilly indeed. I said last week that I would make my first cold call by Friday; it’s now Wednesday. The Wednesday after.

I attempted to make my first cold call today to a large company that I like. I’ve used their services before, and I’d really love to have them as a client. What better company could there possibly be to lose my cold call virginity to? Today was the day. Of course, I waited until the last minutes of the work day to make the call. I wrote down a couple of lines of opening dialogue on my notepad and dialed. My pulse quickened.

The phone began to ring, and … it went straight to voice mail.

I actually called a couple more times thinking I’d leave a message, but I didn’t. I sent in my resumé by email instead.

I’ll do another cold call tomorrow — I promise.


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