I’ve been working on my novel, and it ain’t easy. I’m a few thousand words in, but I’ve decided I need to sit down and create a more detailed storyline because I find myself all over the place in terms of tone and themes. There’s too much going on, and I need to get a better focus on the whole.  Any romantic notions I had about the writing life are all gone — it’s a grind, like anything else. But boy does the time fly.

I was checking out author Hugh Howey’s website today, and he offered an interesting suggestion: create a story on Twitter in 10 posts. His point is that if you can’t entertain the masses with a great story in a few posts, then you have no business being a writer. Although I haven’t read it, Jennifer Egan’s Black Box was serialized on Twitter.

So I’m taking a break from novel writing to create my own TwitterStory. In 1400 characters. If I succeed, I’ll actually tweet it.


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