TwitterStory: Black & Blue

I just tweeted my first TwitterStory this morning. All 10 posts are 140 characters or less. The spacing was more cramped in my actual Twitter posts. Here it is:

  1. I’ve always been a sucker for a girl who gets her hands dirty, and this girl’s hands were plenty dirty. It was the first thing I noticed.
  2. Well, that’s not true. The first thing I noticed was the black eye she was sporting–snapped me right to attention seeing a girl like that.
  3. Talk about black and blue–this thing was a starburst. I stared a little too long; she self-consciously tucked a few hairs behind an ear.
  4. That’s when I noticed the dirty nails. “Quite the shiner,” I said.
    “Yeah,” she replied. “I was hauling on a wrench at eye level. So stupid.”
  5. “I’m off the tanker down at the pier. Been replacing vent gaskets. I can’t believe the rust I’ve had to break through. Can you replace this?”
  6. She held up an old cracked gasket. “It’s in stock,” I said. I got the gasket, bagged it, and reached for the package under the counter.
  7. Smoothly I slipped the package in with the bagged gasket. I looped the shopping bag handle around her fingers. Those nails, that eye.
  8. She seemed so vulnerable–God, I love that. I wanted to say something else, buy her a drink, see her haul on that wrench. But I knew better.
  9. She paid and walked out of the store, back to…wherever. I didn’t believe for a second she was off the tanker down at the pier. Not until…
  10. …HE walked in and demanded the package. Black and blue all over, he was, from his dyed buzz cut to his football jersey. I sank to the floor.

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