Top Ten Reasons to Hire an Editor

  1. Your writing has lost its flowj0.
  2. You’re in the subjunctive mood, but your verbs aren’t sensitive enough to follow suit.
  3. You’ve lost a large proportion of your readership due to the fact that you failed to eliminate completely the proliferation of technical language on your otherwise awesome blog on quantum physics. (Yeah, that’s right: You’ve lost readers because you didn’t eliminate the jargon on your entertaining quantum physics blog.)
  4. You find yourself saying, “Not tonight, dear, I’ve got a headache — from block quotes, lists, footnotes, captions, headings, and graphics.”
  5. It’s difficult, you know, to remember, each and every time, where commas, which are your least favourite punctuation mark, should go.
  6. You alternate alternative spellings.
  7. You don’t know the difference between alternate/alternative, farther/further, comprise/compose, etc.
  8. You’re having trouble making a commitment — to organization, order, focus, pacing, bias-free language, facts, and consistency.
  9. Style guide? What style guide?
  10. You were writing while in a drunken stupor!

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