Top Ten Questions With the Answer “Didn’t Hire an Editor”

  1. Why did no one check the facts for this report?
  2. Why do the conference dates differ in different sections of the corporate newsletter?
  3. Why does your thesis contain so many internal inconsistencies?
  4. Why do our clients with vision loss complain that our online content is inaccessible?
  5. Didn’t you know we needed permissions for copyrighted material?
  6. In our literature for the Canadian market, why are the measurements in imperial units?
  7. Why are there 3 exclamation marks after every!!! damn!!! heading!!!???
  8. Why is the coding and formatting all wrong?
  9. Why does none of this content resonate with our target audience?
  10. Really? No one noticed that the “l” in public was missing?

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