The Most Important Edit You’ll Do All Year

Happy New Year! I hope, like me, you’re psyched for 2014.

One of the most important things I’ve done in the last couple of years is write (and edit and edit and edit) my personal mission statement. When I’m depressed or scared or plain old grumpy, I recite my mission statement to ground myself and to remind myself of what’s important. Every time I recite it, my statement humbles, inspires, centres, and entertains me (yup, the last part of my mission statement makes me laugh every single time). It changes my course and calls me to positive action. Having a mission statement has been so effective for achieving my goals, I encourage everyone to write one.

Take some time to identify what’s important to you. My statement includes gratitude, fearlessness, freedom, identification of possibilities, and fun — and passing these things on to others, too. My statement explains how I’m going to practise these things, and I’ve also identified my most negative emotions and listed concrete steps to overcome them.

Writing your statement requires not only time but also self-awareness. Months of editing were required before my mission statement was perfected so that it reflected my true self. Then, when the statement was fresh, I often forgot to recite it during negative moments. But once I mastered the habit of reciting it, I found success turning my negative moments into ones of reflection and action. Although my mission statement is several paragraphs long, I have memorized it from regular recitation.

I also have two short axioms that I live by:

Accept myself and expect more from myself.

~Gretchen Rubin

Expect resistance. Resistance doesn’t mean this won’t work; it simply means that I’ve started. And starting won’t last long, so neither will resistance.

~paraphrased from Mistress Krista

Remember this: Your mission statement or personal axioms won’t be effective unless they speak to your true self. When you identify your values and issues and codify them — and practise them regularly —  you’re gonna be in for a great 2014.


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