Time to Edit Edit

WordPress won’t allow me to manipulate the words in a title. What I want the above title to express is “Time to Edit Edit,” where the second edit refers to the word itself.

Confused? Allow me to explain.

As an editor, I choose  short Anglo-Saxon words over longer Romance language words (spread not proliferate), I omit jargon and needless words (the fact of the matter is), and I favour concrete words over abstract words (“hit” not “laid hands on”).

But I just discovered a new term for editing that is nothing short of genius: quality control. I don’t care how you spell it: Quality Control, quality control, QR, or qr. Heck, shout it out: QUALITY CONTROL. Before you question my sanity, see this post.

(It may work wonders on an invoice, but I still wouldn’t allow it in a document!)


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