Editors and Writers: Tech Your Work to the Next Level

Who doesn’t love their tech? Editors and writers are no exception. Check out these cool toys:

  1. Square Reader – Need a convenient method of payment to hawk your published content at book readings and fairs? Look no further than this device that allows you to accept payments with your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Usito – This handy online French dictionary helps translators get it right the first time.
  3. PerfectIt – Increase your hourly rate by working faster. PerfectIt from Intelligent Editing catches grammar and spelling mistakes that other spell-checkers miss. And the founder is an EAC member — what’s not to love?
  4. Information Mapping Canada – You supply the content, Information Mapping supplies the format — another great way to increase your hourly rate.
  5. EditTools – From the editor behind the blog An American Editor comes this editing macros tool.
  6. The Editorium – This company offers an array of programs to automate editing tasks in Word.
  7. Ginger – More editing software to make you faster and less furious.
  8. Inera eXtyles – Get your automated editing tools and XML document creator here. No XML knowledge required. (But just learn XML already, says the smarty-pants who’s writing code for her website.)
  9. ThirtySix Software – Easily and quickly manage and reuse your content for a variety of purposes.
  10. Evoluent – Now that you’re working faster with the above software, get ergonomically correct with a high tech mouse or armrest.

Okay, one last suggestion for you editors with the big bucks (you flip Vancouver real estate in your free time, don’t you): Adobe Technical Communications Suite 5. What does it do? Pretty much everything but land the job contract for you.


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