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Coming Soon: Copyeditcat.com

I’m building a website for CopyEditCat Editorial Services. That’s right: I’m building it. So it might not be live for awhile. 🙂 But I’ve bought my domain name, and I’m piling on the bricks to build this baby as fast as I can. It’s fun to be the wizard pulling the levers behind the curtain. At a certain point, I’m sure I’ll move on to HTML editing software — such as Dreamweaver — so I can wow my clients, but for now I want to learn the code myself so that I understand all the parts of my website.

Thus I now have a new service to offer: markup. With so many platforms available on which to publish content, storing content in a form that can be applied across platforms is a must. This is called content management, and markup is part of the process. Markup identifies the various components of stored content. It’s persnickety, detail-oriented work.

Perfect for an editor.


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