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Stay-at-Home Parents and Prisoners

I’m back after a summer of baseball, beach days, and burnt marshmallow ice cream (from Ed’s — mmm) followed by ACL surgery as soon as the kids were back in school. It’s been 20 days since surgery, and, though I have a long road of physio ahead of me, things are getting back to normal.

I’ve continued to peruse lots of career books. The best by far has been Cracking the Hidden Job Market by Donald Asher. His advice is practical and straightforward and immediately resonated with me. He confirms that the most important thing to do as a job hunter — and this is true for freelancers, too — is to talk to people, talk to people, talk to people. Amusingly, he states that stay-at-home parents and prisoners have a similar problem: they have a career emergency. The best thing to do is to “bounce”: find a job — any job — in your industry to gain experience and show off your skills, and then constantly seek a better position.

After reading Asher, I’ve renewed my resolve to network.


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(Y)eGod(s)! (editorial Gaffe of the day)

Nothing strikes terror through the heart of an editor like the sudden bolt out of the blue when you realize, belatedly ‘natch, that you’ve made a mistake. This happened to me a few minutes ago.

I’ve been sending out my cover letter and resumé via email. In the email message, I write, “My cover letter and resume are attached.” And that’s where my slothful ways are laid bare: with resume. Back in the day, when I first started using word processing software, I never realized that characters with accents were readily available for use. I used to simply spell the word sans accent — what’s the big deal, right? Well, it looks lazy, and, without the accent, the word is incorrectly spelled.

FYI, to make the e in resumé, use CTRL + ‘ and then e. I won’t be omitting accents again.

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The Mother of All Edits: The Self-Edit

This week I’ve been attending career workshops — about using social media to job search, writing resumes, that sort of thing. And it’s all about personal branding. What message are you trying to convey? Keep that brand consistent across social media. Use social media to research jobs and network, interact and ask questions, make updates and spread the word that you’re looking for work, stay current and access job postings. On your resume, use accomplishment statements with action words that demonstrate what you successfully implemented in past work situations.

Oy. So I’m getting online and starting to use some social media, and wow. I can’t believe the time people seem to have put into their online personas. Where’d they get that time, first off. As an introvert, I thought I was in my head a lot, but compared to everyone else on the planet, I’m as real (read: old school) as it gets. I’m as tactile, 5-sensory, keeping-it-real, settin’-out-the-garbage, beer chuggin’, takin’ care o’ business, down-to-earth as it gets. There’s this whole other world that I don’t live in that everyone else apparently does, and it’s in this mystical land where the powers that be are gonna be judging my ability to hold down a paying gig.

I gotta take a nap, shop for food, prepare a meal, do laundry, clean and de-clutter, and read a book that’s been printed on paper and then glued together.

The online world doesn’t seem so real to me right now, but that’s probably going to change real soon. (And oh, yeah, make sure you keep it gen-u-wine.)

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